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About Dance Movement Therapy Assosiation (DMTA)

The Dance / Movement Therapy Association (DMTA) was founded in 1995 to develop the use of the creative process in dance/movement therapy in Russia, integrаting with other forms of the creative arts therapy. 

Our goal is to provide a forum for health professionals, artists, and the general public in which to develop their own process of self-healing, individually and in groups, through exploration of dance/movement therapy. 

DMTA, promoting the philosophy of living and experiencing the present moment, promotes both traditional and contemporary knowledge about movement/dance and its transformative power in Eastern and Western arts, psychology and medicine as essential to the creative healing process. 

DMTA provides a forum for the individual to identity in body and in mind, with his/her own creative process and mode of self-expression, personal transformation and healing through dance and movement. 

DMTA is non-sectarian, non-ideological, and does not promote any religious or spiritual movements. Instead, DMTA hopes to provide the individual with a level of comfort grounded in his/her own mode of self-expression and awareness of his/her environment.

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DMTA Structure: 

ADMT President - Alexandra Naletova

ADMT Vice-President – Irina Biryukova, BC-DMT, CAGS 

Accountant - Elena Semyonova 

Secretary - Anastasiya Kitaeva 

ADMT Committees:

Educational and professional standards Committee
Chairperson – Olga Sorokina

Regional Committee
The Chairperson – Elena Kotelenko 

Membership Committee
Chairperson – Elena Mikheeva

The international Committee Chairperson – Julia Morozova, responsibile for contact with the European Working group of Training standards of DMT, for contact with the European Working group for research in DMT Research, for world information about DMT conferences, trainings and other events. 

Publishing Committee
Chairperson - Elena Burenkova